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Package 1 (6 months+)

Package 1 (6 months+)


1 hour call + written call recap

Chat support for 1 week

*Package lasts for 30 days from date of purchase

2 free 15 minute touch up calls post "graduation" you can use up to a year from purchase


Introducing our 6 Months Plus Package, designed to empower you with essential sleep training fundamentals and expert guidance tailored to babies aged six months and beyond. We'll help you establish a solid bedtime routine and a consistent schedule, laying the foundation for healthy sleep habits that promote restful nights and happier days.


Our comprehensive support extends beyond sleep training basics to encompass understanding your baby's cries, navigating regressions, and addressing common challenges such as teething. With our personalized approach, you'll gain the knowledge and strategies needed to foster a positive sleep environment and nurture lifelong sleep skills for your little one.


*Although American Express is an option I am not accpeting American Express at this time. Thank you for understanding

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